Monday 18 February 2008

Installation Gotchas

When installing BizTalk Server 2006, the process is generally pretty smooth. I have installed it a couple of times on different machines and had no problems to speak of. However, there are a few things to look out for if you do encounter problems:

  • Check the event log is not full. BizTalk Server is not shy about writing to the event log so make sure that the Application log is not full and supports overwriting of events as necessary.
  • Make sure you are not logged on with a Windows account that has no password. The Master Secret Server Key is generated using the password of the logged on user as a seed.
  • Do not install onto a non-NTFS formatted disk. BizTalk Server does not support FAT32.
  • If using a domain account, ensure that access to the domain controller is available.
  • Ensure you have enough available disk space. The System Requirements state "15 GB of available hard disk space for a complete installation including the operating system, all prerequisite software, and language packs. This does not include disk space for data storage." 

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